Sunday, November 15, 2009

About Scott Bryant

Scott Bryant is currently the Statesboro (Ga.) Herald’s one-and-only staff photographer.

After attending Western Kentucky University as a photojournalism major, he has worked most of his adult life as a newspaper photojournalist, starting at community weekly newspapers in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. before spending twelve years on the staff of the Savannah (Ga.) Morning News.

In 2005, Scott married Kathryn Neville, a lifelong resident of Bulloch County and alumnus of Georgia Southern University, and now employed by GSU. Near the end of 2006, he was offered an opportunity to join the staff of the Herald and continue practicing his craft in his adopted home community.

While many in his profession have scoured the globe, producing work of great social importance, Scott has found his niche producing visual chronicles of life in Statesboro, Ga. and surrounding Bulloch County. Sometimes those photographs win awards. But the ultimate goal is to help people remember and reflect on people, events, and issues in the community, and hopefully to create conversation and make connections with one another.

Being a one-man photo staff has advantages and disadvantages. The position offers an unique opportunity to have significant input into the content of the Statesboro Herald and statesboroherald.com. It allows a certain amount of freedom to pursue stories from a personal point-of-view. There is an amount of personal pride that comes from belonging to the community, to be its eyes and sometimes ears with today’s multimedia presentations. But with that responsibility comes the realization that one person can do only so much. There are simply too many stories to pursue, too many events that happen concurrently.

So if Scott can’t make it to your event, don’t take it personally. Many events are the result or culmination of ongoing endeavors or issues which are frequently more worthy of photographing than the event itself. So please feel free to share your stories and information.

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