Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Your questions

This page is dedicated to taking reader questions.

Most anything is fair game. General photography questions or requests for tips. Photojournalism. Professional ethics. Industry trends.

I will answer most questions directly in the comments, but I may respond to some with separate posts if I think there might be wide interest.

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  1. Why do we have so many dirt roads in Bulloch county ? Is their not a 1% sales tax or something that can be added to get funds for paving the roads ? I am assuming that funding is the problem

  2. Fact 1: Bulloch County has more dirt roads than any county in the state of Georgia. Fact 2: Bulloch County is the largest county, in area (square mileage), in the state of Georgia. So I think the two are related.

    Currently, the funding to perform such a task is not available. If enough citizens get involved, however, perhaps the County Commission and, ultimately, Bulloch County residents could put such a tax to a vote. State and Federal funds could become available if such a tax is passed. However, I have a suspicion that most County residents who live on dirt roads are probably not fans of taxes.

    As a photojournalist, dirt roads hold a certain fascination for me. They harken to times past. You can get a real sense of rural America by exploring them. Maybe there's a long-term photo essay lurking in the back of my mind on this topic.


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