Tuesday, November 24, 2009

At home ...

What does an overworked news photographer do in his/her sporadic off-hours? This one tends to put the camera down, most of the time.
That might surprise some. Don't we live and breath photography? Yes, and no. After lugging around one's equipment for 40+ hours a week, you like to get a breather. It keeps you fresh, and a fresh eye is vital. You're always looking at light and imagining what everything might look like through the viewfinder, but sometimes you simply need a rest.
Of course, that doesn't stop family and friends from designating you as the "official" photographer for events and get-togethers. And you try to oblige. I try to leave my work gear at home. Tossing a point-and-shoot camera in the pocket is more handy.
Some photographers really do live and breath with their cameras everywhere they go. They have personal projects. Favorite subjects not covered typically on the job. Maybe I'm different. I'm not a particularly good landscape photographer. I used to enjoy photographing musicians performing, but the late hours cut into family time. Not surprisingly, the subject of most of my off-hours photography is my son. I try to imagine what the world must look like through the eyes of a two-year-old. It's a pretty good approach for a photographer, when back on the job.

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