Tuesday, December 1, 2009

GSU's first couple ...

Georgia Southern University President Bruce Grube is in his final run before retiring at the end of the year, and Monday I covered his address to the business community at the Rotary Club of Statesboro. I shot many of the typical photographs you might expect: speaking at the podium, chuckling at comments and ribbing from Rotary members, shaking hands, etc. But the photograph I chose for the newspaper was one of the first ones I made at the occasion.

As is custom at these Rotary meetings, a member chooses a song for everyone to sing while kicking off proceedings. "You Are My Sunshine" was the song of choice, and it was dedicated to Grube and his wife Kathryn. And they joined right in with the singalong.

President Grube is leaving his post under a bit of a cloud. The firing of a football coach as one of his last official acts at a college like Georgia Southern is always bound to create a degree of controversy, warranted or not.  But I chose to present a picture that speaks to the first couple's relationship -- a relationship that has been an asset to both the university and the community.

That little bit of emotional connection again elevates this picture above the mostly informational ones taken at the event. Connections: that's the goal, always.

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