Monday, December 28, 2009

One man's trash ...

The Assignment: a business story on how the county and city deal with holiday trash.

The Problem:  The assigned recycling center had been cleaned up. Neat as a pin, as a matter of fact. Tidily stacked recyclables. Not a stray spec. Nothing to photograph, and deadline is an hour away.

The Solution: A frantic trip to the City/County transfer center/landfill ... and there it was! Like a beacon. A weird, sad lawn ornament-of-a-horse decorated for Christmas, sent to oblivion but preserved atop a dumpster by some sanitation worker with a sense of humor (I think). A gift to me, a photojournalist desperate for anything to communicate the content of this story.

Thank you sanitation department, 1) for being so efficient and prompt (almost too much so!), and 2) for saving my skin by leaving an odd-but-fortuitous symbol to share with our readers.

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  1. The point I make every day, a little bit of yard art adds joy, amusement or delight to every situation.

    Be proud little brave pony.


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