Friday, December 11, 2009

Perfect holiday gift for budding photographers

Still doing your holiday shopping, and you've bought a camera for a love one or yourself? Spend an extra $10 for the perfect compliment. My college photojournalism professor, David LaBelle, recently published a book titled "I don't want to know all the technical stuff ... I just want to shoot pictures."

Today's digital cameras have made photography more simple, and more complicated, than ever. All those bells and whistles can make your head spin. But the basics of good photography remain the same: timing, light, and composition, or TLC. In very simple-to-understand terms, Dave will walk you through the basics and help you learn what the pros already know. It doesn't matter if you're shooting with a $3 disposable camera or $1000+ model. Like Dave says, "Good people make good pictures, not good cameras."

You can order the book from Dave's "The Great Picture Hunt" web site, or find it on Amazon. Best $10 you can spend on a budding photographer.

See Dave talk about the basics on Fox 12 TV in Boise, ID:


  1. I loved "A Day in the Life with Scott Bryant." I especially enjoyed the mention of Arlington and your correct use of the word "aural." I'm proud of you, man!

  2. My first comment! Thanks, Bruce.

    It took me about three tries to distinguish the word "aural" from the word "oral," but I finally got it out of my mouth correctly.


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