Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bookmark a small(er) voice

I'm still experimenting with my on-line "presence," so I started a tumbleblog as a compliment to a small voice.

I want a small voice to be mostly focused on my work specifically as a photojournalist for the Statesboro Herald. Here is where you will find my more thoughtful attempts to connect with the community about what I do. Commentary, tips, stories behind the stories, etc.

So, rather than clutter up this blog, I created a small(er) voice as an attempt at a more stream-of-consciousness sharing of links, articles, information and pictures, with examples of my own work and others that I admire or find interesting.

You can find the link on the sidebar to the right. So check in and follow me on both, if you like.

Oh yeah. Feedback. I need feedback, folks! Let's "conversate."

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