Monday, November 1, 2010

Reader submissions enabled on a small(er) voice

Following up on the announcement of my supplemental blog, a small(er) voice, I enabled the ability for readers to submit their own content to encourage discussion.

Got a link to a web page you want to share? A quote? A picture or slideshow you think is a great example of news photography or photojournalism? A video you think deserves some conversation?

Please feel free to click on the "Conversation" link and submit your content for posting. While the focus of this blog is photojournalism, conversation about journalism in general and current events is also encouraged, although some discretion will be exercised.

Your content could be the subject of a post here on a small voice, too. While comments for all posts will be allowed to be made anonymously, the sharing of links must include the attribution of both the sharer and the source of the content. All submission are subject to approval before posting.

So, folks, contribute and share away!

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