Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Farm voyeurs beware: Florida Senator gunning for photographers

Ever see a really pretty field of corn or cotton while driving down the road, or perhaps a herd of cattle or sheep huddled in an idyllic pasture, and felt like pulling over and snapping a picture?

Well, don't even think about doing it in Florida. Even if you're not a socialist or an animal rights activist, it could be a first degree felony if State Senator Jim Norman gets his way.

Read this: Cracking Down on Croparazzi

This is dumb is so many ways, I just can't even begin. I'm both entertained and scared to death about the level of an almost utter lack of rational and informed thought.

I supposed I'm posting this to get back in the swing of blogging. Sorry for the layoff, folks. And I'm hoping others might appreciate this episode of Stupid Human Tricks.

And I'm game for some discussion, if you are.

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  1. UPDATE:

    Folks are backtracking, already.


    In this article, Ben Parks, director of state legislative affairs for the Florida Farm Bureau Federation, tries to explain the concerns of some farmers.

    It's amazing to me how laws with so little forethought can be proposed. Even with revision, this is still a bad idea, if you ask me. Democracy is about discourse. And photographs, whether they are intended to be pretty scenics or exposés about the production of food, can play an important part of that discourse.

    The concern seems to be about the intentions of marginal groups potentially damaging the image of farm operations with misleading photographs. If the views are truly marginal, then sweeping, overreaching action isn't really warranted. Fact is, there are already adequate laws to address criminal trespass, fraud, libel, breach of duty of loyalty, etc.

    Personally, I think laws meant to address one group of people by placing another group above the scrutiny of all is always a bad idea.


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